A look back on what we have achieved so far…

Since inception, we have focused on working towards empowering children stuck in various inhabitable situations. Following are few major focus areas we have taken up –

  • Case Management Services of Survivors of Gender & Social Violence that includes Quality Institutional care & support; Rescue; Restoration, Repatriation & follow-ups. Economic & Social Rehabilitation
  • Campaign & Intervention Programs on Child Protection like Anti trafficking and Prevention of Child Marriage and other forms of gender & social violence
  • Empowerment of underprivileged & marginalized children through education, health , & cultural therapy
  • Using Sports & Culture as medium for confidence building & empowerment of survivors and vulnerable girls
  • Safe Migration Initiatives
  • HIV/AIDS awareness & intervention activities
  • Integrated development initiatives for Model Village/area set up that includes education; health ;livelihood and community resource mobilization activities
  • Creation of Safety net at grass root level through formation and training of HRDS (Human Rights Defenders System) women and act as development agents of the area
  • Formation & Training Adolescent Girls Group to prevent violence against

Our major achievements in the past three years –

  • Economic rehabilitation of 115 survivors of Gender & Social Violence and 46 people diagnosed HIV positive. They were helped to find employment after imparting demand oriented training including opening of bank accounts, PAN, Ration cards etc.
  • Socially restored 464 Survivors of Gender & Social Violence
  • Prevented/stopped/delayed 174 child marriages in last two years. 6 girls have received bravery award from Block Development Officer , Hariharpara, Murshidabad
  • Distribution of 37361 Safe Migration Cards to migrants and recorded data systematically to prevent exploitation & HIV/AIDS involving 280 Panchayats in seven districts of West Bengal in active collaboration with Panchayat & Rural Development Dept.(Government of West Bengal) &UNICEF
  • Reaching 1053 reactive mothers and bringing them under treatment; 96% Reduction in HIV infection among the new born; 89% increase in LFU (Lost to Follow Up) track & trace rate. Using mobile based apps for reporting & tracking under PPTCT program of HIV/AIDS
  • Registered 15 young women as footballer with IFA(Indian Football Association)
  • Successfully running a Herbal Garden Project in PPP(Public Private Partnership) model for survivors & young women
  • Developed four mouzas of Dharampur ( a backward Panchayat) in Murshidabad covering 750families under Model Village Program by constructing 03 schools, ambulance services, water ( arsenic free tube wells & filters)& sanitation ( construction of 100 toilets), Health camps, making roads & livelihoods options etc.
  • Running of two Canteens with survivors in collaboration with Kolkata Police Department & West Bengal State Women Commission respectively.
  • Opening Child Friendly Corner at Beldanga Police Station first of its kind in the district10. Running of 04 CIC (Crisis Intervention Centre) to facilitate social restoration and act as support base for the survivors.
  • Formed and trained 34 HRDS, 10 Religious leaders Group & 65 Adolescent Girls groups as safety net to prevent violence against women and act as change agents at grass root level.
  • Creating role models for other survivors and vulnerable girls who sensitizes and spread awareness on violence. Also take part in street and on stage performances as part of cultural group.
  • Empowered & Social mainstreaming of 175 children of red light areas & slu

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