Should ‘god-men’ be trusted..?

Sanhita ,a 16 year old girl from Kakdweep village had to face an ordeal at a very young age.She was one of the many victims of the horrific deeds of ‘god-men’ otherwise known as Maharajs. Her entire family was victimized and driven into a shock from which it might take them forever to recover.

A Maharaj(hermit) came to Kakdweep village from Vrindawan. He came in contact with Sushanta,one of the village folksmen. The hermit proposed to reside in the village provided a temple is built in the village where he would be the Pujari(Priest). Sushanta gave him 1 katha land to build the temple. It took the villagers one month to build the temple. The Maharaj informed the villagers that he would stay for 15 days in the temple and 15 days in Vrindawan. The hermit had a practice of giving dikha during the night or very early hours in the day. Sanhita’s mother,Abha used to visit the temple regularly. Six months later she took dikha and soon after that she made Sanhita also take dikha. Every ekadashi’s(11th lunar day of the Hindu calendar) night Abha used to return home from the temple at 3 am in the morning . Few more months later ,Abha got into intimate relationship with the hermit. When Sanhita found out about this, in order to suppress her voice, Abha decided to marry her off. She herself spoke to the boy who was recommended by the hermit for Sanhita. Innocent Sanhita fell instantly to the charms of the boy and did not suspect the horror that was to follow her.The Maharaj convinced Abha to come and stay with him in the city. Abha took off from the village one day with Sanhita leaving behind her young son without informing her husband who works in the city and comes home only twice a week.They did not have the slightest idea of what awaited them in the city.

The Maharaj was a fraud,a trafficker.He along with the boy were behind a huge scandal involving lives of many poor women who fell into his trap like Abha and Sanhita. Both Abha and Sanhita spent days in Maharaj’s house being subject to atrocities of all kinds.In the meanwhile Abha’s husband Shyamal lodged a complaint with the police.With help from Jabala , both the women were successfully rescued from the grips of terror and the Maharaj along with the boy were arrested.

Why do people still believe in these ‘god-men’? Ignorance is the culprit.People in rural regions of India lack proper awareness and become easy targets to such abuse.They should be made more conscious about such shams,tricksters and cheats.They should be enlightened enough to protect themselves and discourage such deceivers.


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