The biggest myth

The biggest myth is that dangers lurking in the darkness, waiting to pounce on us, are from strangers. But in most cases, the perpetrator is someone the victim already knows and is often trusted. Abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse might be the most visible, having victimized by family members leaves deeper, lasting scars.

Mamoni was a chirpy teenager. Even though her entire family of 5 lived in a small dilapidated house, without water supply or electricity connection, she was always cheerful and helped her mother at home. Her cousin Lakshmi who was married resided in Bihar. One unfortunate day Lakshmi convinced Mamoni’s family that she can get Mamoni a job in Kolkata itself, far from her village with a monthly earning of Rs 2,000. Mamoni was instead taken to Bihar to be subjected to gruesomeness in a brothel. Mamoni was not allowed to visit her family for 2 long years. One day Mamoni’s brothers Mahadev and Kavi went to Bihar to meet Lakshmi to know the whereabouts of their sister but Lakshmi came up with some excuses and did not allow them to see her. Suspecting something and concerned about his sister, Mahadev thought upon a plan and contacted Lakshmi fifteen days later. He said that there were more girls in need of jobs and if only Lakshmi could help them like she helped his sister. Meanwhile Mahadev had contacted the Police and when Lakshmi returned to Mahadev’s village she was arrested and made to tell the truth behind the scandal she was running. Mamoni was rescued and was reunited with her family but the smile on her face was wiped off forever.She did not expect her cousin to do this to her.

In India,around 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way .How can we stop this from happening? Children from a very young age should be given awareness about atrocities that can happen to them ,how to avoid them and how to face them. They should be encouraged to voice their opinion and say NO when they think they are being victimized.



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