It’s a wonderful after-life

Rebuilding a life after any kind of setback is more crucial than the rescue process itself. And what better way to do this than help each other and learn from each other! As quoted by the great author Charles Dickens, “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

We at Jabala aim to achieve this by conducting periodical workshops for our kids. The intention is purely to encourage group activities among them so that they learn together and motivate and guide each other in the process of learning. So nothing is graded right or wrong and no judgement is passed on any activity.

This December we conducted a three day workshop. On day1 we had activities like introduction in a creative way, creating sound of beats in a musical fashion, mirror game, situation formation based on flute sound, imagination as an object and narrating. The kids participation over flowed of creativity. The situations pictured by them to the sound of flute music were simply amazing. Rohan thought of a martyr who died at the Indo-Pakistan border and that the flute was being played as a tribute to his sacrifice. Bholu thought of a bird chirping happily by a riverside and could feel the cold wind blowing in his head. In the imagination as an object activity, Rabnawaz felt the trees being stuck in one place and not being able to move about and the pain of being ruthlessly cut down.

On day2, we had activities like meditation, self-portrait, collage making. The collage making was a very interesting activity in that, participants were asked to tear apart magazines and then reconstruct them in collages. This was to enlighten them how to lead their destruction to a constructive deed. Many of the rescued kids have a lot of anger bottled up inside them that they cannot vent out. So this activity was to give them an avenue.

Overall, the workshop was a huge hit and the kids enjoyed to their hearts content and in the process learnt a lot.


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